Saturday, October 10, 2009

What is it with underwear?

This blog is gonna make a few guys blush so if you are at all sensitive to the "girlie talk" stop reading now. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

My pantie and bra drawers are ridiculous. Seriously, it is as if I never thought I was going to get another pair of panties ever in my life. I think I still have some in my drawer from college. I guess I have always just sort of kept them around just in case I didn't get to the laundry for a good 2 months. REALLY?! I am a mom now. I do laundry every day...sometimes twice a day. I need a make-over of my undergarment drawer.

Here is what I have decided. If my undies are saggy, losing elasticity, too high, a bad color, or have not been worn in the past year, they are trashed. And certainly, if I don't recognize them, that means they are way, way too old. I am not gonna blame that on my mommy brain. Once I have decided my throw aways and my keepers, then I will know how many new undies I get to go out and purchase. I think a solid number of undies to have on hand is 26. Not quite a full month but several to choose from. Also, I am only a fan of white, black and beige/nude. Maybe one or two that are a little fun and sexier.

Now onto the over populated bra drawer. I find this hilarious when I only have 3 bras that actually fit me. Seriously, I think I have at least 23 bras in my drawer and only 3 fit me. Here is the deal, girls. I have 2 kids, therefore, my "girls" aren't coming back. What I have is what I have! I am told that the "girls" might make a comeback once I hit menopause but I am not counting on it. And I am certainly not holding onto my bras for 20 years just in case. So, every bra that is bigger than what I am now is gonzo. Either in the trash or given away. Even the super special ones. You all know what I am talking about. But don't get sad, my people, we will replenish with even better bras. And if you are not done having kids, stick tight, you might be able to enjoy them for a little while longer, or maybe forever. Never know.

Sure, to be beautiful, you need to feel beautiful on the inside. But it certainly doesn't hurt to feel put together, current or maybe even sexy at the first layer. Let's start layer by layer and work our way through our dresser. Organize and dignify! Enjoy your new skivvies!!

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