Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can we please stop with Jon and Kate!

Seriously, we all have to stop. Somehow we have to let the media world know that we are not interested in Jon and Kate anymore. This is awful. It actually makes me sick and I don't even know what is going on. I don't keep up with it, I just know they are angry with each other again. I saw her face on "The Today Show" yesterday and I was appalled. Why is their divorce and why are their daily conversations in the news. Is it really newsworthy? I don't think so.

So many questions and so many opinions surrounding this story but I will focus on the reasons why I am disgusted by it. I come from a divorced family. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old. I didn't really know what was going on but a lot of my friend's parents were splitting up at that time so I felt like we were all the same, that my family life wasn't different from everyone else.

There were times when my mom and dad said mean things to each other. Where they were yelling and threatening each other. I remember my brother and I were super upset by all of this and relied on each other a bunch. The hardest part for me, as a 7 year old, was simply that my parents were not going to be living in the same house. My heart hurt for the parent that was not with us. Kids are put under a lot of stress during a divorce.

With all of that in mind, I cannot imagine if my parents were airing their dirty laundry in public. Talking to millions about how they said this or they said that and always tagging it with, "But I am trying to be the best parent and take care of the kids." Taking care of these little kids means keeping them safe from everything including hurtful words. These kids lives are out there for the public to see as well and without their consent. I can't imagine putting that on top of all the stress the family is under.

I, you and everyone else knows this is all coming down to money. If they really cared about the kids and didn't care about money, they would hide more and talk less until American's silly fascination with their family and their failures was no longer. I have to trust that they are good parents. That they do want what is best but they have gotten wrapped up in it all. I only hope they realize their mistakes and correct them sooner than later. I think many people would applaud them if they gave up their show and tried their best to live normal lives.

My parents are now great friends. We have celebrated countless holidays together and have created tons of fun memories. It took them a few years but they now consider each other friends. I can't imagine how they would feel if all of their hurtful words were out their in the public forever. Once it hits the airwaves, it will live on the internet for a long time. Think of the kids REALLY think of the kids and make it right!


  1. Where do I sign in agreement? This whole thing with Jon and Kate is so wrong, in so many ways, on so many levels. I saw this show once in the first season and thought to myself, "What the hell is this all about?" What's the worst part? Seeing them with every click of the dial or the fact that there are still people watching. I have more to do with my time and don't need to see added, pointless drama at every turn. Like there is not enough drama in the world already!

  2. I couldn't even get past your first paragraph because I dont, have NEVER cared about these people. why would i. 2 days ago, i had the cbs early show on, harry started talking about them, i shook my head in disbelief and switch to gma. you guessed it, they too had some report on these people. i turned the tv off. from the beginning, i never understood why they got any press. seems to me they were one of the many on a reality show, thats it. thanks for this. EVERY time i see something with them, i say who cares and then i am very puzzled by the fact that i am seeing them. please stop the madness