Thursday, August 30, 2012

No longer in Kindergarten

It's all happening...

Life is moving along so fast and the kids are growing up so quickly. Prime example, my 6-year-old has asked me not to meet her at the bus.  Yes, this cute little pumpkin who just last year would bound off the bus with a huge smile at the sight of her mom waiting to give me a huge hug, now wants to walk home by HERSELF!  She wants to SO badly that when she saw me at the bus stop on the first day of drop off, she hoped off and started to cry.  She said, "My teacher asked me what my favorite part of the day was, and I told her it hasn't happened yet, I can't wait to walk home from the bus.  And now my favorite part can't happen." 

And so today, I'm letting her favorite part will happen.  And I told her that.  But I will be peaking, sneaking, checking and maybe even waiting at the door.  She may be growing up, but for now, I am holding onto my 6-year-old as long as I can.

Last year getting off the bus

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer & Schwinn: Staying Cool, Comfy, Healthy and Safe While Being Active

Here's my latest blog for Ride Schwinn! I think it's important so I'm sharing it here too! You can read it and more of my biking blogs in their entirety on Schwinn's Facebook fan page

Summer & Schwinn

So often when we’re out for a fun afternoon, especially on our Schwinns with our kids, we forget to stay hydrated. We always remember to fill our water bottles for other workouts, but don’t always remember when we’re out for an easy ride.

I recommend planning ahead and adding a water bottle holder to your bike and your kids’ bikes because a short ride always ends up being longer (I know from experience – riding is just so much fun!). The sun’s heat can be draining and something as simple as adding a water bottle to your bike is one way to beat it.
Speaking of fun, while you’re getting ready to head out, make sure you and your children wear the proper clothes when you ride. Yes, even though it’s hot, always wear closed-toe shoes. Sneakers will protect your toes from the wheel spokes.  My kids hear it from my husband all the time, "Daddy almost lost a toe riding his bike in flip flops when he was little." It’s also important to wear sunscreen. And…ALWAYS, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!
Now get out and pedal your way to joy during these long summer days! Just remember to stay cool, comfy, healthy and safe.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Post Games

I can't believe it's over.  I remember saying that quite a bit after '92 and after every Olympic Games since.  For 22 days, we were in London, in nonstop motion.  The Olympics, they definitely bring out the need for speed and endurance in everyone.  I will never forget stepping foot in Olympic Park after working my way from the hotel to the tube station to the javelin train, then exiting at Stratford International only to find that I had to walk another 45 minutes to get to BMX.  That Park was HUGE.  I am pretty sure we averaged about 8 miles of walking every day (my 6-year-old included.)  And every step was worth it!
Aerial view of Olympic Park on Aug. 18, 2012
I have so many precious memories from these London Games.  From Phelps official designation as the most decorated Olympian of all time to Soni's world-record, 2:19 swim; to the teens in the pool and the amazing smiles of Missy to Ruta.  And how about Team GB's Mo Farah and his buddy Galen Rupp? Amazing. Then there's Allyson Felix and her 200  golden moment and Bolts electrifying races. The exhilaration, the excitement and the awe is something we will never forget. . .

But now it is over and all I can think is, "Bring on Rio!"  I can't wait.  With every four years, there's a new crop of athletes striving for their dreams and a chance for my kids to grow more in love with the adventure and everything the Olympic experience brings…including the need for great walking shoes! Thank you London. And Congratulations TEAM USA!