Thursday, August 30, 2012

No longer in Kindergarten

It's all happening...

Life is moving along so fast and the kids are growing up so quickly. Prime example, my 6-year-old has asked me not to meet her at the bus.  Yes, this cute little pumpkin who just last year would bound off the bus with a huge smile at the sight of her mom waiting to give me a huge hug, now wants to walk home by HERSELF!  She wants to SO badly that when she saw me at the bus stop on the first day of drop off, she hoped off and started to cry.  She said, "My teacher asked me what my favorite part of the day was, and I told her it hasn't happened yet, I can't wait to walk home from the bus.  And now my favorite part can't happen." 

And so today, I'm letting her favorite part will happen.  And I told her that.  But I will be peaking, sneaking, checking and maybe even waiting at the door.  She may be growing up, but for now, I am holding onto my 6-year-old as long as I can.

Last year getting off the bus

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