Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer & Schwinn: Staying Cool, Comfy, Healthy and Safe While Being Active

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Summer & Schwinn

So often when we’re out for a fun afternoon, especially on our Schwinns with our kids, we forget to stay hydrated. We always remember to fill our water bottles for other workouts, but don’t always remember when we’re out for an easy ride.

I recommend planning ahead and adding a water bottle holder to your bike and your kids’ bikes because a short ride always ends up being longer (I know from experience – riding is just so much fun!). The sun’s heat can be draining and something as simple as adding a water bottle to your bike is one way to beat it.
Speaking of fun, while you’re getting ready to head out, make sure you and your children wear the proper clothes when you ride. Yes, even though it’s hot, always wear closed-toe shoes. Sneakers will protect your toes from the wheel spokes.  My kids hear it from my husband all the time, "Daddy almost lost a toe riding his bike in flip flops when he was little." It’s also important to wear sunscreen. And…ALWAYS, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!
Now get out and pedal your way to joy during these long summer days! Just remember to stay cool, comfy, healthy and safe.

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