Saturday, October 17, 2009

Teach your boys to hug and kiss!

I am a little biased but I have to say that I have a very sweet little boy. He is loving and caring and will hug and kiss just about anybody. He gives kisses to me, his sister, his dad and to any family member or friend. He knows the difference between right and wrong and I think he wants to do right way more than he wants to do wrong.

He is all boy, though. He is rough and tough and kicks and hits and bites. But underneath all of that, he is loving. I see my job, as his mom, is to teach him what is right and what is wrong but to also teach him how to be a loving little boy who will hopefully grow into a loving young man.

I thought about this one day when I saw him give his daddy a big, fat, wet kiss on the lips. I thought it was so cute and I asked my husband when he stopped kissing his own dad. He stopped for a second and said, "I don't know. But I still give him a kiss on the cheek." It isn't about the kissing as much as it is the hugging and understanding the reason behind it. I want my kids to want to hug, and with boys, I think you have to teach them.

Often times, we teach our boys to give high fives or knuckles but I love my hugs and I always ask my friend's kids for a hug goodbye. Whenever my son has done something wrong, I take him to timeout and when he is done, I ask him to go give the person he wronged a hug. My daughter loves when she is at the other end of this. Actually, I do as well. A simple hug can make someone feel so good. What little boy wouldn't love to do that?

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  1. Every hug from your boys, if they are 20 months, 8 years or 14 should be savored. I drink them in every chance I get!!