Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My daughter and her first Broadway experience.

She wasn't sure she was going to love "Shrek the Musical" until she saw the farting scene with Fiona (she calls her Fiuna) and Shrek. Once she caught wind of that (haha) she was hooked. In fact, that is all she wanted to see. Until the night before, that is. The night before, she became quite nervous about the dragon. She was worried that the dragon would come off the stage and might actually "get her". Once we arrived at the theater, she became very interested in all the souvenirs that were available for purchase. We settled on the Gingerbread Man puppet. Once inside and safely in our seats, she became very interested in the stage. The curtain and sides were decorated as as if they were trees. There were both shiny and dark colored leaves on the curtain--which to a 3 year old looked very much like eyes--imagine her relief when told they were leaves and not eyes. When the music started, I moved her to sit on the arm rest so she could see better. She loved the beginning and sat perfectly still for most of the first half. When the dragon came on, she covered her head with her blanket so she couldn't see it, but slowly she lowered it and before long she announced very proudly that it wasn't scary at all. She was gaining confidence. She loved the whole thing, but particularly liked the fairy tale characters, the burping and farting scene and--yep--that's right--the dragon. Oh, yes, and she was most anxious to see Fiona and Shrek kiss at their wedding. This was a wonderful experience for her and something she is still talking about. It also taught her the difference between a play and a movie--which I never realized was such a hard concept to grasp. We both learned something.

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