Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take a load off.

I don't think I can properly describe the weight of my purse. First of all, it is so big, I could actually fit a kitchen sink in it. Seriously! I carry it everywhere and yet it weighs approximately 35 lbs. I have asked people to pass me my purse and as they pick it up, they immediately look at me like I am nuts. They always ask me, "What is in your purse?" And I always answer, "Too much of 'I don't know'."

And that is the truth. I really don't know what is in my purse...or shall I say, I didn't know what was in my purse until I tried to find my phone one particular day. I was at a stop light and fumbling through my purse when I found everything but my phone. I found an extremely old bag of apples, a diaper, a pair of my daughter's underwear and several other mommy items. And then eventually I found my phone. I sat there laughing because the funniest part of this story is that I was on a business trip at the time.

At that moment, I vowed to clean out my purse once a week. I have done it ever since. I try to clean it out every Sunday. It is truly amazing how much s%&* you can accumulate in one week of shopping, snacking and mommying. I also try to organize my things. I have 3 little purses within the mother purse. The little versions hold lipsticks, coupons and money.

When I am done going through my purse it is as if I have just showered after camping for the weekend. Not only does it take the weight off my shoulders (literally and figuratively) but I feel so much more organize and on top of things. Don't get me wrong, I still spend way too much time searching for my cell phone, but I can't blame it on the random apples and diapers anymore.

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