Sunday, October 18, 2009

The eye-o-gram. For those who can't figure out make-up.

My girlfriend, Delilah, who owns and operates Splendor, in Park City, UT can make applying make-up look easy. I have always loved the way make-up looks when it is displayed on the counters. I love how perfect it is and how brilliant the colors look but I have no clue what to do with it. Absolutely no clue. This is all about to change.

Delilah is going to draw me and EYE-ogram. Get it, a diagram for the eye. Anyway, she is going to show me in a "paint by numbers" kinda way how to make my eyes look lovely. This is a diagram that I will get to take with me and keep in my make-up kit at all times. I don't expect to memorize it right away. Not even close. I am sure I will use it a ton and I am so excited. I have wanted to learn how to do make-up for years but I have either been to lazy or to busy.

When I was younger, I didn't have enough time in the morning to add "make-up application" to my schedule. I was up at 4:07am, swam, went to school, swam, ate, did homework and then dropped into bed to do it all over again the next morning. Not much room for make-up, in my day or in my bag. I went to school with my hair wet and came home with my hair wet. I guess I was partly comfortable in my skin and partly uncomfortable with my lack of make-up knowledge.

Then, I got into television and people would do my make-up for me. I would sit there and often times fall asleep in the chair so I didn't really take notes during the application period. But, in my defense, we are talking about the eyes and it is pretty difficult to watch someone apply make-up to your eyes. So, I never really got it. I can apply foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss but everything else is a foreign language to me.

As a mom, I long to learn and I love looking pretty when I can. Delilah has promised to keep it simple and make me look sexy but myself. The most important thing, I think, is to get instructions that are reasonable so that you can keep it up. Anything too complicated will give me the hives and keep me from trying it. So, watch out hubby. I am gonna get some smokey eyes going for our next date night....or so I hope. Wish me luck!

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