Sunday, October 4, 2009

Look at your Monday differently!

I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter when we started a major construction job. We were remodeling and adding on about 800 sq ft to our old house. It was a pretty big deal and with any remodel it became more complex as we went along. At first we only wanted to change out the bathrooms, then we said let's change the doors, then we HAD to change the casing and baseboards. Oh my!

It was "my" project since Erik was over in Europe skiing at the time. So, I took the job very seriously and LOVED it. I actually think I became obsessed with seeing progress. When something big happened and their was a huge change like when the entire garage was torn off, I was beyond excited. When subs didn't show up or the structure didn't change, I was a bit disappointed.(that is putting it mildly)

I will never for get this one night as I put my pillow on my head I said to Erik, "I am super excited that tomorrow is Monday. Do you know why?" He said yes and then proceeded to sing a song, "Because of rat-tat-tat-ta-tat-ta-tat-tat-tat." It had a catchy little tune. I started busting up laughing. He knew. I was excited because we would be working on Monday. Or at least, people would be working on the house. The rat tat-tat is the sound of the hammer...get it?! See, I was tired of the waiting around on the weekend. (Again, love my weekends...but) I feel that way right now. I enjoy my weekends but I get pretty stoked on Sunday night because of the endless possibilities during the week to come. I look at Mondays as a great opportunity to get stuff done during the week. I love work conversations. Possible new gigs and opportunities in my business. I also love having a schedule and being able to work out and be healthy. I like being productive and Mondays get me back on that track!

Many people can't stand Mondays...think Garfield, for instance. Monday's get a bad rap because they are what keeps you from the weekend. They are the reality check or the early morning alarm clock. I don't think Mondays are that bad. Now, Thursday's are a whole other story...:)! Go get your Monday and make it great!

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