Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank goodness for Lollipops!

What would I do without the bank and car wash? You might think I am nuts but I love the fact that these two place seem to understand the job of "mom". It is always halloween at these two places. Whenever I say to my kids that we are going to the bank or the car wash they immediately say, "LOLLIPOP!"

Now, I know many parents who say they do not use candy as bribery but I am not one of those parents. I applaud those who stick to their guns and don't give into the candy cry. But, I love candy and feel like I would be a big hypocrite if I said they couldn't have any. Therefore, I am very fond of the bank and the car wash.

Many people don't understand how difficult it is for mom's to accomplish simple tasks during the day. The fact that at both the bank and the car wash I don't have to get out of the car and the fact that they give my kids treats is amazing. I try to alternate between the two so that we are not having candy every day. After all, I do want them to be able to use their teeth when they are 5.

But the Lollipop is a little friend that comes to help me out when I am trying to knock a few things off of my list. If for some unknown reason your bank and car wash don't have little treats for the kids, ask them to help you out and start the lollipop program. Or maybe, if I was really responsible, I would ask for the sliced apple program. Either way, please Help Us Moms!

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