Friday, October 2, 2009

My favorite pictures!

Do you have favorite pictures? If you do, have you looked at them in awhile? Are they up for everyone to see? Ok, if you answered yes to all these questions, you are awesome. If you didn't, I want to encourage you to get your memories out so they can shine. I have mine up in my room. Granted, they are constantly in need of a little updating and I have to get on a few more but all and all, I have some great memories to look at everyday.

Let me be clear, my "room" is my office. It really is my room to do with as I please. I love that. Aside from my kids section in the corner and their scattered toys and papers, it is all mine. The walls especially. I have some memorabilia on my shelves from my swimming days. The Honda Sports Award, my 92 Olympic Swim Team rugby shirt and a few signed balls and gloves are a part of my collection. But what I most treasure are my pictures.

Of course I have pictures of my wedding day. It was a special ceremony with only 22 people in attendance. We were/are so happy. And, damn we look young (it was only 4 years ago!!!). On our wedding day, we took a picture of our feet with my bouquet in between them. Since then, we have tried to take pictures of our feet on every vacation. We have one with all four feet in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. So fun.

My favorite pictures are all in one big frame. It is one of those you can buy at TJ Maxx where the matting dictates what size picture goes where. This one fits about 34 pictures. I tried to include everyone in my family. My favorite one is of my mom, dad, brother, aunt and friend Heidi. Someone caught their reaction just as I had won the gold medal in the 200 butterfly at the Barcelona Olympics. It is truly amazing. You can actually look at if for minutes. Checking out the detailed expression on each person's face. There is also a picture of my mom, Skye and I on our first trip together. I remember my mom was sooo nervous about helping me with her. She hadn't been around babies in awhile. She did a wonderful job, of course. There are pictures of my grandparents, cousins and my brother and I as little kiddos. The most precious one of all is of Skye and I right after she was born. Literally, I think she was only about 15 seconds old. She is looking up at me so sweetly and innocently and I am beaming at the camera. Pictures really do say a million words.

So here is my point. Don't put it off any longer. I ususally go on shutterfly to get them printed out. Don't make it difficult for yourself. If printing your own takes too long, chances are you won't ever do it. The idea is to get your most special pics in frames so you can glance at them all day long. So you can constantly remember your most important moments and people. Why wait?

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