Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My favorite mom inventions, the crib tent and beyond!

Mother's and father's have used their brains to come up with some completely awesome inventions for parents. I mean thank you for the snack trap and the sippy cup. Of course there is also the simple invention of yogurt in a tube, that I then freeze and turn into treats. Clever! There are a million inventions that have come from other parents frustrations. It took a mom or a dad yelling, "Why don't they have something for this?!" And then they do it.

For instance, did you know they make crib tents? We know they make these because we were forced to investigate every option possible when our son started jumping out of his crib 2 weeks ago. The first time he did it was after a nap and he had waited till I went in to get him. He would get so mad when I would try to lift him or even help him out of the crib. All he would say was, "I Do." So I let him. And he DID. He was so proud of himself and I was smiling. Then, 2 nights later, I went to put him down for bed and he kept climbing out. I would put him in, and then I would hear a huge thud and 2 seconds later his door would open and he would say, "HI MAMA! OPEN DOOR." He only knows to talk in the form of a yell, not in a calm voice. I actually got quite concerned that he was going to hurt a limb or bite his tongue off (not making that last part up...heard that happens a lot)

Well, we immediately went on Amazon and stared searching around. We found the tent and had it shipped fed-ex. It got here in a day. We put it all together and it is amazing. We kind of want one for our bed. It is like his own little cave. And the best thing is he can't get out as it zips from the outside. It is truly a miracle product and I don't know what we would do without it. If I knew the parents who invented it, I would write them a really nice thank you card.

We are a traveling family and are getting ready to take a big, long trip so I went online and ordered the pac-n-play crib tent as well as the toddler portable tent. We are going to be beyond set. Our kids aren't going to get out of anywhere while sleeping.

I am so thankful that really smart and creative parents have come before us but I also think there are plenty more brilliant ideas out there. Every day I think of a few things that could be done better. For instance, can someone please invent an easier car seat for the airplane. Or what about a stroller that is side by side where the siblings can't attack each other. You know, an invisible line that isn't invisible! Just throwing out ideas. What I am doing is encouraging any parent with a decent idea to respond and make it happen. Go for it!

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