Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family game night.

I am just gonna come right out with it. We don't play enough games. We don't play enough board games. We don't play enough card games. I remember playing some serious card and board games with my family. In fact, I remember my dad teaching us how to play poker...7 card stud and 5 card draw. We had the full set up with chips and everything.

We also used to have serious board game tournaments. We would open up Monopoly or Sorry and go at it for hours. These games taught us about winning and about losing. They also taught us about strategy and luck. Winning at these games is partly luck, you know. Plus as an added benefit, we improved our math skills. These are all important things for children to learn and the socialization part of playing games with others is much better than playing games on a computer or TV by yourself. Having a family game night or a rainy day tournament is fun and a great way to have some quality family time.

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