Friday, October 9, 2009

Here is to my Stanford girls.

What do they it your high school years or your college years that are supposed to be the best years of your life. I think if I had to choose, it would be my college years. This is not to say that I would want to go back but I did make the most of my time at Stanford. I was on scholarship for my first 2 years and then I gave up my NCAA eligibility to take money before the 1992 Olympics. From that point on, I was writing the checks to pay for my hefty tuition bill every quarter. Every time the bill came, as I was writing the check I would ask my best friend, Heidi, why am I writing this check? She would quickly repy, to have the wonderful friends you have met.

She was right! I was more than lucky and it was more than worth it. Oh yeah, and the education wasn't half bad either :)! But what I loved most about my experience at Stanford was the humbling environment. I came back from the Olympics and it was no big deal. There were people excelling and winning the equivalent of a gold medal in every field. There was greatness all around and everyone was celebrated. I loved that.

My friends were the best part of my college experience. I met Heidi at the end of my freshman year. Her and 2 other volleyball players, Piper and Dani, soon joined us 3 swimmers, myself, Laurie and Lea as roomates for our sophomore year. It was fantastic. We were all very focused on our sport, our studies(some more than others) and our fun(some more than others). But we also made time to just chill. I remember a few nights when we would turn the lights off and Laurie would play DJ. We all loved U2 and she would turn on "One". It will go down as one of the most relaxing moments of my life. We were all there together calming our busy selves to just enjoy the moment. (that is a moment I would go back to)

My 15 year college reunion is one week from today. All of my friends will be there, many with their hubbies and their kids. I was all set to go. Hotel reservation in hand when my plans changed and I got a job. When they told me I got the job, they didn't tell me the dates, but deep down, I knew it would be over my reunion weekend. I am so very sad that I won't be there. I was looking forward to the football game and the dinners but mostly I was looking forward to hanging out with and absorbing the stories of the women that have made such an impact in my life, my college friends.

For those of you who went to college and/or had a fantastic experience you know how rare it is to get back on campus and relive a few of those awesome moments with your grown up college buddies. The great thing is that in the wonderful group of women that I am so lucky to call my friends, we have a stellar organizer named Annie. Every year she gets us together for a girls weekend. Reunion is our girls weekend this year but I know I will see them all next year, hopefully with a little(maybe a lot) of Chardonnay!

I guess I will set will look even more forward to my 20th! Good thing we don't get any older. And I just for the record, I think the best years of our lives are in front of us.

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