Thursday, September 24, 2009

There is something about fall.

I find fall very romantic. It is as if there is something in the air that makes me take a few extra deep breaths. I guess I simply relax a bit more in the fall. I destress a bit. Now that I think about it, that doesn't make much sense since fall was always very busy for me as a kid, but it is true. I love all the seasons but the changeover to fall is my favorite.

After awhile, hot day after hot day gets a bit much. I love feeling the air a bit cooler in the morning. I love the way is smells actually. It brings back a lot of memories for me. I love the smell of crisp dew in the morning or the first rain of the year hitting the pavement. Even the grass smells a bit different in the fall. I also love getting to wear jeans after a season of shorts or putting on a yummy, cozy sweatshirt a night cause it is just chilly enough. Or maybe getting a chance to cozy up to my hubby under an outdoor heat lamp while watching the stars.(now that is romantic)

But my absolute favorite part of fall is the changing of the leaves. It is truly magical and amazing. The colors of the leaves are so brilliant right now. I grew up in Northern California where we didn't get much of a season change. Where I live now, it is spectacular. Every day, and I mean EVERY DAY, there are a dozen more trees that have gone from green to a bright red, orange or yellow. It is pretty amazing when you are keeping track of it all.

I am writing this blog to remind people to get out and smell the roses. Get out for a walk or a hike and enjoy the change of season. Embrace the new smells and sights. Take your camera and your loved ones and capture some awesome pictures. You can do it any time of day. I love to get up in the morning, pour myself a perfect cup of coffee and head out for a leisurely stroll. I try to slow my pace and take it all in reminding myself that life is pretty darn good and I had better thank my lucky stars a bit more often.

I sure do love the fall. Thank you.

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