Monday, September 21, 2009

Letting your kids dress themselves.

My daughter is 3 1/2 and she has a very strong will. I should know better by now than to suggest a certain item for her to wear. When I do, she immediately wants nothing to do with it. It honestly could have been her favorite thing the day before but because it was not her pick, she doesn't like it. This is when I step back and watch her go to work.

She loves to wear several of one type of item. For instance, she will pull out 3 shirts and a sweatshirt and ask me if it will work. I simply explain to her that she has chosen all upper-body wear and that it might be tight but she can do what she wants. I look at her closet and at times want to give away 90% of her clothes. She hardly wears any of it and what she does wear doesn't match. The funny thing is that my mom says this is exactly the way I was. I would wake up from naps with 8 pairs of undies on or 7 pairs of socks on one foot. Like I was going for some record or something. I also only wore one dress in kindergarten. It was the dress I wore as a flowergirl. My mom saved it and it is in Skye's closet right now, just waiting to be obsessed over.

It is hard sometimes to watch her pass up the really cute outfits, but in the end, she I know it is good because she gets to create her own outfit, making her own decisions and living with those decisions until the end of school. And when she puts it all together and dresses herself, the joy on her face almost brings tears to my eyes. Today, she wore her red Christmas dress from 2 years ago, a skort...yes, the skirt/short combo and a pull-over pink sweater. I dropped her off at school with a smile and when I picked her up I said to her teacher, "She dressed herself this morning." Her teacher said, "As soon as I saw Skye I said 'YES' cause we were talking about red today!" What a coincidence!

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