Thursday, September 10, 2009

The last few summer nights

Tonight was awesome. We went to the pool for 3 and a half hours and played our heads off. I am so glad the weather is holding up and I am reminding myself and thus, you, that it won't be like this much longer. So, get outside and enjoy every night of it.

Today was smooth with the kiddos. We did lots of errands and they were real troopers. But my little fella was not in a good mood. He was up A LOT last night. So, I think he was really tired and super grumpy. That being said, I put him down a tad earlier than usual. I cleaned the house, wrote 2 emails and then put my daughter to bed. About 10 seconds later, my son was up. WHAT?!!! So, we snuggled a bit (I absolutely love that and know it won't last forever) but then he just turned super grumpers again. So, at about 3:45pm I woke up my daughter and to the pool we went.

My point in telling you this is that I could have easily stayed at home and, thus, missed out on a wonderful session at the pool. What a shame. Very Very soon, the season will change. And where I live, very , very soon, snow will cover the ground till May! So, soak up the sun and the outside as much as you can while you only have to put on a t-shirt!

Get outside and be happy!

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  1. She is so right get outside and get that vitamin D while you can.