Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting back to the basics with yoga

I love the way yoga makes me feel. I love getting in touch with my breath, opening up my rib-cage and lengthening my body. I have been doing it with a few friends every Tuesday night and I have grown to love both the night and the workout. During every class I would second guess the way I was doing a lot of the basic poses. So I decided to get a one-on-one lesson and get back to the basics.

Come to think of it, I jumped right into my yoga practice and would squeeze classes in here and there and never really had the tutorial on how to do everything properly. I would take my focus off of what I was doing to wonder if my updog was correct. I found myself constantly looking at other students to make sure my feet were where they should be and etc.

Then I found YogaWorks. First of all, they are not worried about right and wrong, they are worried about injury. I like that. That is why I asked for a one-on-one session to go over all the basic positions and get them down correctly. For instance, I was in tree pose and was shaking cause I was working so hard. It was awesome. I received so much information...don't know if I will remember it all but I love that I know have something to go back to instead of looking at the person next to me. My instructor was fantastic and I wish the class was 3 hours instead of 1. I guess that leaves more for next time. I do you yoga to make me a better runner and to make my running career longer. I truly believe it helps me and my body recover from running and life itself. I want to do the poses correctly so I don't injure myself and that is what I accomplished. So excited.
Enjoy yoga.

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