Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The mommy at home office

I know there are a lot of us out there. Mom's who are working from home. We have our "at-home-office" where we attempt to work in the cracks. "Working in the cracks" is a term I got from my friend Kate Geagan. We were at the pool in the summer trying to have a conversation. It was Kate, Molly and myself. We were trying to chat while watching our kids...always a difficult task. We did take away a bit from the afternoon. I took away, "working in the cracks".

So what I am doing now is working while they are sleeping. Occasionally, my oldest will not nap and therefore mommy's at home office turns into Skye and mommy's at home office. This is why I think there is a real need for a mommy office make-over where the kids have a place to "work". I am going to do this to mine. I don't know if it will work but it is definitely worth a try. I have decided that if I can get a few things done on the computer while they are "paying the bills" or "working on their computer" then I have accomplished something and that is worth so much to me.

So, here is my plan. Mommy has her desk. Believe me, I am no dummy, I know they will only want to sit on my lap and work on my computer but over time and after countless, "not now's", they will realize that their work station is more fun. There work station will consist of a long skinny coffee table(i am thinking garage sale on this one), a box full of crayons, my paper that was going to be recycled, and any old mail they would like. They will also have a bunch of crafts lined up...stickers, stamps, and a chalk board. I might even put a "phone" over there just in case they need to make calls. I am opting out of chairs. I think it will just five them something else to fight over...and possibly cause injury.

When I imagine it from my fairy-tale-land, it looks really cute...all of us working on our own things. I am going to believe that it is possible and try to my best to give them the landscape to make it happen. And when it does, just imagine the big 'ol cracks in which will be able to work.

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