Thursday, September 3, 2009

Collecting rocks and other things that make you happy.

Some people collect stamps and others collect cars, I collect rocks and shells. I like to think that each one has a special meaning since I picked them out individually from a vacation or trip. I keep them in a few places around my home. Most are housed on my desk and next to my bathroom sink. (Although I have found a few in my kids bathroom drawer. Funny how things end up there...hmmm. )

I have loved rocks since I was a little kid. I could spend hours walking around looking for the most interesting rock whether it be a cool color or a weird shape. I would look at them and wonder where they had been and the different shapes they had taken over time. Now, as I said before, I bring one home from every vacation. My favorite is a rock/shell from the beach in front of our land in Nicaragua. It is a white thick swirl with a few swirly indentations on the sides. It is so cool I sometimes don't think it is real. Every time I look at it I think that I am so lucky to have found it.In fact, I look at them often and remember the location of where I found them, the vacation or the outing. It makes me smile. (I must admit, I don't remember all of them.)

My kids have just started to notice all of these cool items floating around my space. I am probably a little too protective of them. After all, they are JUST rocks. But I care about my collection. So, today I explained the idea of a collection to my 19 month old. You can imagine how that went over. But, later in the day, I took them for a run and at the half way point I let them get out of the chariot and run around. At the end, I asked them if they wanted to pick out a rock...they said YES!

They are not at "collection" point yet but I think they are slowly learning what my rocks mean to me. I wonder, though, what their collections will consist of...
Skye already has several princess dresses...
My husband collected EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. My mother-in-law finally drew the line at sugar know that ones from the diner. I think to myself, if my kids did decide to collect sugar packets, I hope they are from all over the world. That could be a cool collection.

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