Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We are almost ready! Struggling to get out the door!

Brilliant mommies have invented some pretty amazing mom-helping items. I wish someone could invent the "jetson_esque" "one push and your kids all ready" button. You know...they walk into a chamber with their jammies on and walk out fully clothed and fed.

Most days my kids wake up with smiles on their faces. Today they were great. Both woke up on their own with a great attitude and lots of love. And then, we have to get ready to get out the door. First of all, they don't want to get their clothes on. Sometimes I don't make them but this morning was not an option. My daughter has gymnastics on Tuesday mornings that starts at 9am and my son, quite simply, loves to stomp snow which is very difficult to do in a sleeper. So, at about 8:30am I tried to get everyone excited to GET DRESSED!!! What fun!!!

I was chatting calming with my daughter about what leotard she was going to wear. And, let me say, she LOVES gymnastics...or at least that is what she tells me all the time. Anyway, our calm conversation turned into to a total meltdown. She just didn't want to get dressed. So I said, "Well, maybe you don't want to take gymnastics anymore." I felt like it was a valid question. It didn't lead us down a good road.

Then, what is it about siblings chiming in when they can tell the parent is really vulnerable. My son, who was SUPER cheerful all morning, started to fight me very hard on getting dressed and changing his diaper. I know, this happens to everyone...but why? Before I knew it, it was 9am and we were 100% officially really late for gymnastics. I don't know why I get so frustrated. I actually said that to myself a few times. It isn't my class that I am missing.

I don't think my daughter understands yet the concept of "being late" or "being on time". She just knows that I prefer the latter. The bottom line is that we arrived at our 9am, 45 minute gymnastics class at 9:25am...and she started crying cause she was only going to get half a class.

I spoke with the other moms, who always seem to be on time, and asked if they have trouble getting their kids dressed and ready....NOPE. Is it just me? How can I get out the door quicker? Maybe it is the "9am" that is the problem. Maybe gymnastics isn't as important as she says it is. It is all a mystery to me but if you have any advice, I will take it.

On a very positive note, I will say that she had a great time during the class...was all smiles afterward. And then we went to swim lessons where she was laughing and playing. Once out the door, life is generally great. It is just getting out the door. If only they would miraculously be dressed when you put them in their car seat..."the instant car seat dressing chamber"..now there is a GREAT invention.

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