Saturday, January 16, 2010

Most Chiropractors are my friends!

Let me start by saying that I have one leg longer than the other...and most of us do. You know, one boob bigger/higher than the other, one eye bigger/higher than the other. Our imperfections are what make us unique and perfect in our own way. As a swimmer, having one leg longer than the other wasn't a big deal but as an avid runner over the past 17 years has taken its toll. I notice that my back gets a little "outta wack" after a long road trip. When we went to my dad's house over the holidays, I was sitting in weird positions for about 10 hours and that messed up my spine a bit. I tried to stretch it when we got to Sacramento but it wouldn't go back into place. But, it did, over a few days, begin to feel better. My back pain isn't debilitating but it is annoying. For me, most times, it is a dull ache or an sharp little pain in certain positions. When we made the trip back home...another 10 hours of weird back positions, it again felt yucko. So, I booked myself to see my chiropractor. Many people don't believe in chiropractors but I do. My dad used to see one all the time when I was little. When I had a shoulder injury before the Olympic Games, I went to a chiropractor. I feel better when my body is aligned. I also know that if something is "outta wack" something else is over compensating. And that overcompensation can lead to improper wear and tear. So think about it. If you knew that your tires were out of balance, would you continue to ride around with the whole car shaking. NO! You would take it in until your ride was smooth. Well, I am looking for a smooth ride outside of my car. And I am looking for a life pain free. Find a chiropractor that you trust and if you are in pain, don't be afraid to try it.

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