Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Feels like a great number. Let's make it a Super year!

I purposefully waited until Jan 2nd to write this blog. I didn't want to be one of a million talking about the new year. It is like the joy you get when you hear "Happy Birthday" a week late. I love celebrating joyous events after their date. So...HAPPY NEW YEAR! I said to all my family this year, "Happy New Year! Let's make it a good one!" And later I added, "And a FUN one!"

Life was downright crappy for many people last year. We were hit but are still fine but hearing about everyone's financial situation and stress and depression took it's toll on everyone. My heart goes out to EVERYONE who was affected by the economic downturn. But with all of that said, we now are in a position to make things better. I fully believe that a positive outlook can make you a happier person.

What I do is look at myself and figure out what makes me happy...(within quick trips to Cabo every month) Once I have those simple things figured out, I try to make sure they fit into my life. For instance, I love taking my kids swimming. Living in a ski town, that isn't the easiest...but I am going to make sure I do it. And the kids LOVE it. I want to sneak away with my husband more. I booked a sitter for Sunday night so we can do "whatever"!

Then, there are things that make me happy beyond my family. Tuesday yoga with the girls, organizing my house and life, getting in shape for my 2nd ever triathlon in August, sitting down and reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee. I have dedicated part of 2010 to making sure I grow and become a better! And one big thing that I want to do is have more fun in every part of my day. I want to be there when my kids are laughing...I want to be the one making them crack up! What joy!

And if you don't want to decide what makes you happy right now. Think of several things in your life that make you smile. There, is your positive motivation. If we all start the year off thinking positive about our lives, ourselves, our world...imagine the impact that could have. Not to mention we all look prettier when we are happy! :) Here is my motto, "Life is short, enjoy every second of it!" Before you know it, it will be 2011!!! You know that is true!

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