Sunday, January 24, 2010

Double dates ROCK!

First of all, I realized tonight that I have missed a generation of music videos. I used to watch MTV back when they actually showed videos or even played music but that network has changed...(hello, "16 and pregnant"..I will get to that at a later date.) My point is that tonight, I caught up on a bunch and took a nice little stroll down memory lane.

Tonight we had a bit of a double date. We got together with a couple and their friend to hang out without kids. Nothing super planned or organized. We decided last minute, somehow snagged a sitter and I got a text from my friend right as I was leaving to head to the bowling alley.

I LOVE bowling and we just got a killer new place in Park City called Jupiter Bowl. The couches are comfy, the vibe is perfect and their are video screens everywhere...huge screens. My hubby and I got there early so we got to settle in. We even had a time for a little snuggle. And the game was on...YES. We watched what I consider the best post-season game so far on a HUGE screen and began to sip on one of my favorite beverages..Guinness beer. Life was excellent.

We were then joined by our good friends. It turned into such a fun night full of gutter balls, an occasional strike(everyone got at least one), tons of cheering with consistent high fives and a bit of dancing or swaying to the music.

See, once the football game was over, they turned the music videos on. We saw such an array of videos, it was truly awesome. We saw Nelly and Young MC... Beyonce and Joan Jett..... Salt-n-Pepa and Michael Jackson. I felt like I was transported to Jr high, high school, college and then back again!

And, did you know you can do a fantastic moon walk in bowling shoes? They are the best to make you feel like you have moves. All this fun happened before 10pm. Seriously, I used to be able to stay out late...but I also used to be able to sleep, we are responsible parents! That is when you know you are old...or maybe just tired...when your date starts so early that you are done by 9:30pm. But, tonight was perfect. Beers, Bowling, Football, Music and Wonderful Friends that like to be silly! Life is good.

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  1. Sounds like a TOTAL blast!! Glad you had fun!!! Nothing like music from the 80's...good food.....great friends and still be home by 10! I hear ya sista!!