Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My lunch date with the "other man"!

What a gentleman. I opened the door for him at the post office and he said, "Thank you", without any prompting. It is moments like that that melt my heart. Sometimes he will just smile at me and say, "Hi mama, Hi." He runs errands with me without much complaint.

Today we went to the post office where Julie at the window gave him 5 stamps on his hand(not postage stamps but actual ink stamps with the date.) Then we went to the grocery store, the library to donate books and Walmart so I could pick up some crafts. All the while, the only request was to push the cart. We started the day out with a date for some coffee with another mommy and her son. It probably sounds like madness but it is actually very relaxing. I love it as it is just him and I.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday my daughter goes to school so my son and I get to "hang". He gets pretty sad when Skye gets out of the car and doesn't come back. He REALLY wants to go to school and lets me know pretty much every day. He has no idea what school is but he knows that the "Big Kids" go and therefore that is what he wants to do. Instead, he gets to hang out with mom. Hanging with mom sounds very boring but, I try to make it fun.

But today was special. I asked him if he would be "my lunch date". He said "YES" with a huge grin and kept repeating "LUNCH DATE", "LUNCH DATE", "LUNCH DATE". I am not sure if the word was cool to say or if he really felt special. Either way, we had a serious bonding moment and I loved it. Now, what should we do on Friday?!

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