Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mommy play date conversation is like juggling watermelons!

When it comes to toddler play dates, although I try my hardest, I am rarely able to finish single thought due to constant requests and refereeing. However, every now and then, me and my mommy friend are somehow able to pull of the miraculous!

This morning, my good friend came over and we actually talked about several things. More importantly, we finished most all our thoughts...but it wasn't easy. I don't know how it happened. All I can say is that it seemed like we were in need of a good hearty conversation or 5.

I feel like we were getting ready for a hugely important race when describing our mind set. In order to finish our thoughts and sentences, we needed to be at the top of our game. The game of ignoring the whining and talking over the crying. It was pretty impressive, I must say, how we were so very in tune with each other. Several times I found myself reading her lips just so I could be for sure of what she was saying.

Our conversation had nothing to do with kids or poopy, it was much more stimulating and that is why I was soaking up every bit of it. This friend in particular, has such a fun and interesting brain and I love her take on life and issues and all her funny funny stories. We laugh at a lot of the same silly stories and even when we are talking about serious subjects, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

I have walked away from play dates before where neither mommy was able to finish a single sentence. Where we spend most of our time together saying, "Now what was I saying?" I feel so frustrated when that happens simply because I care about my mommy friends and genuinely want to know how they are doing!

Today was a good day...but, like I said in the heading, most times it is like juggling watermelons (mess included! :) ) Oh yeah, and the kids had fun too!

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