Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mexico, Margaritas, My my dreams but not for long!

I am sitting here at 9:31pm writing this blog after a day full of crying and whining...literally, a day full of crying and whining. And it just stopped. Ok, so we went to a friends house for dinner and I told my hubby, "We have to be IN the car by 8pm. No later!" We were pulling out of their driveway at 8:53pm.

A little later than planned, so we kinda did this to ourselves. The kids were having a great time at the dinner. But then, we got them home and 2 full meltdowns. We call them exorcist moments. These are the moments that make me dream of our vacation to Mexico! Granted, I live in a snow town and although it has been unseasonably warm, I am almost always dreaming of warm weather right about now. But with kiddos it is different.

There are moments when you need a little getaway with only your significant other to recharge...refuel...literally. All I want to do on my little dream vacation is sleep in, read a great book, snuggle with my hubby, drink several margaritas, and sleep in(I know I already said that). All I need is about 4 days and I think I will be all set.

I am not sure that I have ever wanted a vacation more than I do right now. With a 3 year old and a 2 year old, my husband and I can barely finish a simple thought without a request of some kind. We LOVE our life but we seem to appreciate alone time even more right now. This is the stage of life we are in and we are embracing it and recognizing what we need. I try to set up at least one date night a week but with our crazy travel schedules, that doesn't always happen. I have a friend who has said that she would even head to the closest Motel 6, if it meant a few days of rest and relaxation.

I know I say this often but it is completely true...Time flies and if you want it to happen, you need to make it happen now. I don't know when we will go on our vacation but I know it will be before June. Make sure to keep me to my word....PLEASE!!! Until then, I will continue to look at magazines of the beach and settle into my wonderful, sunshine filled dreams!

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