Friday, January 15, 2010

A happy birthday ER visit for me and my little dude!

In the wee hours of Jan 15, 2010, my little guy was not happy. He was crying in his crib saying that his head hurt and over all just a little bummed. I didn't think much of it and enjoyed my snuggle time with him. He went back to sleep pretty easily but only if I was with him.

Then, when he woke up, he went downstairs and after a couple of bites of food, immediately got sick. Again, I didn't think much of it except that he must have caught a little bug. He bounced right back, as kids often do so we got Skye ready for school and he and I got ready to do a little skiing.

And, I really do mean, a LITTLE. He just didn't seem to be his usually bubbly self but I thought it was from not sleeping well the night before. It wasn't until we finished skiing (in all of 20 mins) that I thought back to his fall earlier in the week which left him with a black eye.

I had not seen the actual fall, but heard it and it was loud. He must have gone straight down on the hardwood floor...and landed straight on his eye. It took a day for the black eye to show up and there wasn't much complaining from him...just and ocassional reminder that his head hurt.

So, after thinking it through, I decided to call his pediatrician and she quickly told us to go to the ER. Worst case scenario was he had some sort of bleeding on the brain. YIKES! We felt like we weren't in a "worst case" situation but I knew we should go down just in case. We arrived at noon and he was such a cute patient.

He quickly began flirting with every nurse he met. And once we announced that it was his birthday, gifts began rolling wheels, crayons, coloring books, kids meal toys. He felt very special. And, he was quite the gentleman...using his pleases and thank you's even offering the nurses some of his precious gum!

We did the usual "wait" during the ER visit and then came our turn in the CAT SCAN. He was incredibly brave and even stopped crying half-way through the process. (even though my heart was breaking just a little) We were there for so long that he decided to give in and snuggle with me to catch a few zzz's on the hospital bed.

He ended up sleeping for about an hour and a half before we had to wake him up for his eye exam. Again, he was tough as nails as the doc shined his bright light into his pupils. My little buddy spent his 2nd birthday in the ER to learn he had, as we call it, "broken his eye". He fractured some bone really far back in his head and it was pretty darn close to his brain. Is is fine and dandy but it is a bit of an eye opener for what lies ahead. My husband was a daredevil...I think my little dude would like to follow in dad's footsteps. I just hope I can keep up and keep him in one piece!!

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