Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas Card!

Yup...it is that time of year again. I know what you are thinking. Feels like it was just yesterday, huh?! Well, it was just about 365 days ago...time has flown by and you know what they say, "Time flies when you are having fun or when you have 2 toddlers."

It is almost Christmas, which is what I celebrate. The holidays are upon us and so are the Christmas cards. I must admit, I love getting everyone's cards. I love the colors, the choices and the pictures most of all. I read every word, even the letter versions. I love getting the updates on all of our friends and family and family friends. And you know what, I keep them all as well. I get a kick out of the same shutterfly prints from several diff families or the vacation photos. I love it cause I know, for most families it takes time and energy.

I know this because I plan on doing mine tonight. I plan on using Kodak and I love them. Whatever you use, it takes a little effort and some planning. See, you have to figure out if you want just one picture, or if you want several. The more pictures you use, often times the more expensive the card. There is also a choice of greetings or sayings. There are fun versions or more serious. And, how do you sign it...with the family last name or everyone's first names. Lots of choices for such little piece of paper.

I love the super nice Holiday cards, but I can't stand spending too much. It feels like such a waste...not a waste of anything except money. How much should a family spend on the card? The funny thing is that I know the cards I love receiving and they are the more expensive ones...but I feel guilty actually biting the bullet and ordering them. This year might be different. I just might go for it.

But either way, I hope everyone knows that it doesn't matter the card stock or the number of photos you decide upon, what matters is that the card is being sent out of love from my family to yours. And I hope you enjoy ours as much as I enjoy yours. Happy Happy Holidays!

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