Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookies...just one more reason to love the holidays!

With the holidays comes about a billion calories. But let's be honest...can't we put this off until the new year?! No, but we can eat everything in moderation and exercise our butt off! That is why I have been getting up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the crack of my ass to get to the gym! Yes, all in 5 degree weather!

But this blog is actually about cookies. And exercising is why I feel I can openly indulge in cookie feast. See, my girlfriend started this awesome tradition a few years ago. She took a break last year but brought it back this year to my delight! (and many others, i might add) It is called The Cookie Exchange. Here is how it works....

You invite a bunch of your girlfriends and tell them to bring 2 dozen cookies of their choice and a bottle of wine(of what they prefer to drink). My girlfriend then makes a killer soup and serves yummy bread. Everyone mingles, chats, nibbles, drinks vino and then samples the tasty cookies. When all is said and done, those who brought cookies, get to leave with cookies. Oh yeah, people must bring a tin to take carry their cookies home.

I love this party so much because I LOVE cookies. And I am making my favorites. I don't know what they are officially called but I calt the end, take a few home. (note, if you don't bring cookies, you don't bring any home!!) That is why I decided to make my absolute favorites. I don't even really know their official name but I am gonna call them peanut butter drops. You know, the ones where there is a hershey's kiss dropped in the middle! They are small and yummy and only seem to come out during the holidays (thank god!) And, I might add, they go perfectly with a tall glass of milk!

So here is to the holidays, friends, cookies and a bit of wine!!! Happy Holidays!

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