Thursday, December 3, 2009

Break a leg...or something like that!

So, my girlfriend calls me yesterday and tells me that a big Olympic sponsor is shooting a commercial in Park City and they are looking for actors. One of the actors needs to be a sportscaster...hmm...could be interesting. The catch is that I would not be playing myself, I would actually be a "playing" a sportscaster...acting the part! There was also a "mom" role but I wasn't convinced I could play the role of an 18 year old...I mean, come on...:)

I got the email last night which said I could come in whenever I wanted between 10am and 6pm. I would be auditioning for both the mom and the sportscaster. (I am cracking up right now just thinking about this.) The email also gave specific instructions on how to dress and props you could bring. I was supposed to wear red, white and blue but not go overboard with USA. I took in a sign that said, "GO USA" however. I also wore an old credential...cause everyone is credentialed at the Games.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if I should audition and then at the 11th hour, I called my friend, asked her if she could watch the kids and ran to the audition which was about 7 minutes away. I checked in, they asked me for a head shot (which I didn't have), they asked me what time my appointment was(I didn't have one) and they asked me to fill out my information. I then sat down in my chair representing auditioner number 12! The casting woman came out and said.."Next"...and I followed her into her room. I made a bit of small talk and then held my number and name up to my chin and said my name and answered a few questions. I was smiling the entire time...cause I couldn't believe I was doing this. From parking my car, to finishing my audition, 30 minutes had passed. I had officially completed my first acting audition. It was awesome...not because I did a great job but because I did something that was a bit scary and new and I survived. I encourage everyone out there to challenge yourself in some new, fun or scary area in the near future! It totally rocks. (btw..there is no chance in hell I a getting either of the parts. but it was fun and worth it!)


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  2. Hey Summer.....does this mean you have a second challenge for me or does the first one I completed still count?