Thursday, December 31, 2009

I wanted Princess Polly Pockets!

My husband and I were so very excited! Santa had come all the way to California to deliver exactly what my daughter had asked for...a big girl bike and Polly Pockets. All the adults were ready with their cameras as my daughter and I walked through the door to find her magical gifts. She walked straight up to them, around them and then burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I wanted the Princess Polly Pockets." Hmmm...we were all a bit mortified. Gradually cameras went away and the moment was lost. I said to her, "You need to be a bit more specific with Santa because you told him 'big girl bike and polly pockets' and that is what he brought you." She didn't let up for about 30 minutes.
My husband and I were really angry. And all we kept thinking is, "We are such bad parents...our kids are spoiled!!!" We almost packed up all her gifts and gave them away. Instead we sat her down and explained to her why her behavior was poor and what Christmas is all about. Giving and not receiving.
I had taken her with me to get little things for everyone in the family...just from she could try to comprehend the act of giving. Didn't work out great as she kept picking things out for herself. But, we drilled it into her head on Christmas day...whether she liked it or not. We needed her to understand, as best she could, that crying when opening up a gift is not cool.
She eventually turned it around and was ready to open up two gifts. The rest had to wait or may be given away. It all depended on her behavior. She was so sweet. She opened her gifts (both from Papa an Lola) and immediately handed out hugs and thank you's. I think she got the message. As a parent, that was one of the most difficult moments so far. I hope we made the right decision and I can't wait to show her the tape when she is 10 and beyond.

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  1. Sum, I feel your pain - that is the worst! It's in line with making a special dinner and the 3 yearold asks me "what stinks?" Rachel asked for a Handy Manny Workbench this year...very specific right? the time Santa was shopping for it (two days before because work had finally started to slow down)they were all out. I, most cleverly, asked Santa to write a note to Rachel telling her his situation and that he thought she would like a scooter much better. I haven't heard another word about the Handy Manny thing. That was a crap shoot - but I am glad it worked. We also struggle with dinners on occasion. Rachel (3) will not eat certain things if she puts her foot down - and will sit at the table until she is asked to go to bed....what is that??? just plain stubborn? Do you have any trouble with picky eaters?