Monday, December 14, 2009

My love affair with Whole Foods!

Yes, it is true...I am in love... I have been in like for some time. In fact for over a decade. That is how long I have known of Whole Foods. See, I grew up in Northern California. I used to go to Berkeley all the time and then I eventually ended up at Stanford for college. I was pretty lucky but it has gotten even better and it has turned into love.

Before we had a Whole Foods in Park City, we had a Wild Oats. Wild Oats was decent but nothing compared to the genius of Whole Foods. I take one step into Whole Foods and I am all smiles. This place inspires me to cook and to be a better cook while I am at it. All of their choices and layouts are beautiful and brilliant.

I love that the fresh flowers are right next to the fresh produce. Everything is perfectly presented but not overwhelming. And the flowers are always very interesting and different. Not your everyday rose bouquet! Hello sunflowers and rosemary trees made to look like mini Christmas trees.

When I get to the meat and fish section, that is when I am truly inspired to cook. I love every bit of it. I feel like I could stand there, staring at how perfect the chicken breasts look or how flawless the rib-eye is displayed. I am that person that is always asking the workers for recipes and you know what...they give them to me...and they are great!

Their deli is superb with so many awesome selections. I have so many favorites...where do I begin. First of all, their sushi is great and their vegetable dumplings are wonderful. Their soups are rockin...especially ham and split pea and chicken artichoke. Their full dinner selections are clever and different and so yummy. We get a lot of their salads during the summer when we are heading up to outdoor concerts.

But their bakery is what really surprised me! I was in there one day before Thanksgiving and they had a taster of their pumpkin pie...forget about it. It was amazing. So much so that I ditched the idea of making one from scratch and I ordered my Thanksgiving pies from Whole Foods. Healthy and excellent!

Lastly, my kids love the store...for one reason and one reason only. The mini shopping carts. All the other stores, I need to immediately go to the bakery to get them a cookie if I want a pleasant shopping experience but at Whole Foods, they grab the carts and I am traffic director. I throw all our groceries into their carts and they think it is the coolest thing ever. Easy trouble free shopping makes for a happy mommy!
Whole Foods, thank you and I love ya!

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