Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bringing the mess to someone else's house!

It is not easy traveling with two toddlers...but what makes it even more difficult is the mess we create while on the road. It is hard enough, managing the mess in our own house, but when you bring it to someone else's house, it is a whole new level of frustration.

We are at my dad's house for the holidays. He and his girlfriend are fantastic with the kids and are completely understanding with regards to the chaos and the mess. But, after a week, we are all starting to get a little overwhelmed. And, all the new toys and trinkets don't help. Sure, it gives them more to play with but it also gives them more to throw around and leave in wrong the kitchen floor.

At home, I sort of go through out the day and clean up only when they go down for their nap. They also have a designated "play room" which keeps the toys somewhat contained. On the road, papa and lola have a "playroom" but the kids don't really stay in there with their stuff. And there is one of the reasons for the over all MESS. See, I don't think it would bother us if all the mess was back in one room but it is leaking into the main adult room and that is starting to bug everyone.

Just this morning my dad said, "I can't keep up with the kids. I pick up their stuff and turn around 2 minutes later to find a new mess on the floor." It is crazy!! I feel so badly but I also know that the kids would love to be able to play with their tents and train sets and those won't fit in the playroom. It is such a catch 22...take um down and listen to them ask for them or keep them up and deal with more mess.

This leads me to the solution I have come up with. Open communication. If you can discuss this "messy" situation with your family, then you can relax a bit. In other words, ask them if the mess of the big items is bothering them. If it is, take it down and if it isn't then roll on as you were being mindful of picking up toys and stray items throughout the day.

It is funny cause my dad's girlfriend (of 20 years) just asked me..."are you doing your blog?" I said yes and explained to her the subject. She immediately smiled and said without hesitation, "But you are here and that is all that matters." Now that is comfort mess or not!

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