Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Even after endless Christmas is possible to be hot and sexy!

Yes, it is true. We can still be sexy...even if our bod doesn't look the same as it did before we had kids and before our bellies were the size of Texas. (Doesn't that amaze you that your stomach can get that big...I mean really!) Anyway, it is possible even if your belly isn't where you want it to be, to look sexy!

I believe looking sexy is all about how you carry yourself. I had a guy friend tell me this one day. He said, you could weigh 200 lbs. and if you walk into a room with the confidence and a little shake in your hips, you can get the sexy going. I fully believe this. We have all seen it before. Those girls who aren't trying too hard but are walking in heels like they have done it their whole lives and who take their time with each swish of the hip. Damn I wish I could do that.

I think we all have a bit of that in us and it is time to let it shine this holiday season. It is time for mom's to look, feel and show their sexiness. We all need to grab the outfit that we feel the sexiest in and be one with the mood. Once we put it on, we need to KNOW that we are sexy and use that confidence all night long.

To me, sexy is half a feeling and half a showing. No part of sexy is really what you are wearing. (ok, maybe some of it is) But truly if we love what we are wearing, then we are more likely to look sexy because we are more confident. (getting off on the wrong tangent.) What I am saying is, we don't have to go out and buy a new holiday outfit...simply put on what is REAL and our favorite from our closet.

Once you have found your sexy outfit, then take a moment in the mirror and do your hair and make-up to where you feel gorgeous. Remember, you need to feel it. What will it take?? Mascara?? Blush?? Earrings?? Hair up or hair down?? Give it a few minutes of thought and have fun with it. Once complete, walk out of your room with an extra swish in your step and your head held high. "Shake your money maker", as they say!

Your husband, boyfriend, significant other will love it! Believe me...I know my hubby and one of the things that is always on his Christmas list is sex. Let's give them a little sexy first!! Happy Sexy Holidays to all the moms out there!

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