Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hotdogs are still the biggest hit at a 2 year olds birthday party!

I like to believe that you can actually get a somewhat "good for you" hot dog at the grocery store. I get the kind that says, "No nitrates or preservatives." And, you know what, I believe it. And my kids LOVE them.

My girlfriend came over the other day for a little play date and I made the kiddos lunch. I pulled out the bag of hot dogs and asked if her kids would like one. She replied with an enthusiastic YES!!! But then followed it up with, "But my husband hates them...all the chemicals." I read her the ingredients and we quickly decided that they were not THAT bad.

Not that bad means that compared to a lot of other crap we feed our kids, they are decent. Like, compared to those silly gummies that my kids are addicted to. Honestly, I am going to test them to see if they are laced with crack! Besides the fact that they aren't that bad for you, I used to eat hot dogs all the time.

So, that leads me to the fact that we have to remember that we grew up eating a ton of this stuff and all-in-all, we are doing just fine. For instance, I grew up drinking tons of milk. Just fine. I grew up eating candy. Just fine. I grew up chewing gum. Just fine. The list goes on and on. The 2 things we were not allowed to eat (or at least that my parents didn't provide for us) were soda pop and sugar cereals. My dad was a dentist and those two things meant one thing...CAVITIY!

But, let's get back to my friend and our play date... After learning that the hot dogs I was serving weren't soo bad, she declared to me, "I am going to serve these at my son's 2nd Birthday party!" And tonight, the kids noshed on them and loved every morsel. Kids and hot dogs. It is a winning combination!

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