Monday, November 30, 2009

In 30 seconds, my 2 little people can destroy a clean house.

I don't want to brag but my little munchkins are super talented. Some might even go further and say they are prodigies. Honestly, they take their craft very seriously. I have never timed them but I am pretty sure they can absolutely destroy a clean house in approximately 30 seconds.

And, they prefer to take on a clean house. I mean, what fun is it to take out every single toy in a messy house. Then you can't really sit back and take in all of your hard work afterward.

Let me put it to you this way, my kids love to play and they love their toys. Both of those things I should not complain about but I am going to just a bit and then I will tell you why I love it so much.

We learned very early on that having kids means having lots of extra stuff and lots of mess. My husband said to me after our daughter was born that we should hire someone to follow us around all day and pick up our shit. I thought that idea was brilliant. Not realistic but brilliant.

I, like every other mom out there, feel like I spend all day picking up the same toys. Literally, I will put one train or doll away and find it out on the floor a minute later. I do so many forward folds that I am all set in the yoga dept for the next 20 years. But this is just a phase in my life.

The phase includes such precious moments as well. I get to watch my kids really having fun together. Chasing each other around the house, laughing like I did in Old School and smiling as wide as ever. I love the sound of all of that. There is no better medicine than hearing your kids laugh. I let them play as much as I can and then I deal with the aftermath when they are sleeping.

There will be a point very soon when I can ask them to REALLY help me clean up their toys and mess. And then soon after that, I will require them to clean up their toys and mess themselves. At least that is my plan. Until then, I will remember their beautiful smiles and awesome laughs while I am cleaning up those damn Polly Pockets!

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