Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Colgate Wisps

I am in love with a new product and I need to share it with you. Let me start with a question..how many times do you wish you could brush your teeth on the spot? You know, in the car, on the plane, before a meeting. I am right there with you. Fresh breath and clean feeling teeth can do wonders for your confidence.

Colgate has these new little toothbrushes. My friend was using them one night and honestly, they looked pretty fun. I kept looking at her brushing her teeth and was so intrigued. The next day, she handed me a pack full. They are called Colgate Wisps. They are little toothbrushes with a little dollop of toothpaste. On the other end is a little plastic pointy piece to get things out of your teeth. How convenient and thoughtful!

I know I have written about oral hygiene before but this is actually bordering on FUN oral hygiene. They are so cute and have such a great purpose that it goes beyond healthy gums.
Here's to fresh breath.

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