Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am swelling with pride!

Today was a big day. I am not sure if my daughter feels it by her dad and I sure do. It is so much fun watching your kids grow and develop into people. Do you know what I mean? Like you can see a glimpse at 3 what they are going to be like when they are 10. That is what I felt today and it was fun.

Let me start by saying the I was as shy as a kid could be. I clung to my mom's leg everywhere we went. Until one day when we were on the plane to go to my grandma's house in Nebraska. There was bad weather so the plane was waiting at the gate. The flight attendant asked if any kids wanted to sing Christmas carols. Before my mom could blink, I was half-way up the aisle. She was in shock. This was very out of character. I grabbed the intercom and sang "White Christmas". Hilarious, huh?! Why couldn't I have chosen "Rudolph" or "Here Comes Santa Claus". Anyway, that was my big "break out of the shell" moment. My daughter's came today.

See, my daughter is a lot like me when I was her age. In fact, when we got to her preschool today for the Thanksgiving Feast, she was clinging to my leg and didn't want to parade out with her class...crying cause she didn't want to. Well, after about 30 minutes, a plate of turkey, a cookie and a brownie, that shy girl disappeared.

What I didn't know about today's feast was that the kids were going to sing on stage with their class. Once I heard this I asked Skye if she was ready and excited. She didn't answer my question but went right into her own..."Where is the stage?" "Is the stage dark?" "How big is the stage, mom?" I tried to answer her very funny and thoughtful questions and I guess it was sufficient cause she became "off the charts" excited.

The classes performed one by one. Skye is in classroom 3 of 3. So, we had to wait and wait. It didn't take long but she was bouncing in her chair. I was truly amazed at all of this. I watched her closely as the head teacher announced classroom 3. She jumped out of her seat and thread her way to the stage so she could be right in front. She was all smiles from that moment on. She sang the words of the songs, often times really over enunciating. It was fabulous.

I just watched her and smiled. I was half in shock and half completely amazed. My shy little daughter had turned into a stage hog! It was hilarious and fabulous all at once. Most importantly, I was really proud of her. This was a big deal and I wanted her to know that I understood that. She was all smiles after the big moment and quickly announced that she would like to do another concert for the family on Thanksgiving. I am sure I won't have to twist anyone's arm. Especially mine.

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