Saturday, November 28, 2009

Write a postcard and send a lot more than words.

I keep them around for awhile. They sit on my desk until I get the next one. The most recent one is from St. Croix. It shows a white sandy beach with beautiful blue-green water and a sailboat. And of course, on the top it reads, "Wish you were here." Yes, we wish we were there, Alex.

My friend, Alex, is the author of all of these wonderful postcards. He is very dedicated and I am completely indebted. I tell him all the time how much I love receiving them. I feel like I live vicariously through him and his postcards.

Most of them arrive from exotic destinations like Hawaii or Figi but sometimes I will receive one from Tokyo or Russia. I feel like I am kept in the loop with his life and his adventures and with that am a part of his incredible schedule.

See, he works in the movie business (as if that isn't cool enough) and he is always traveling for some press junket or movie premiere. Yeah, poor Alex...always on the go! Believe me, one of these days I am going to ask to sneak into his suitcase. And on top of the movie munbojumbo, he is an open water swimmer, so he is constantly competing in Hawaii and various other fabulously sunny locations. Yes, rough life!

I love so much about the postcards that I get from Alex. Obviously, they add so much to my pile of mail but more than anything else, they are the epitome of thoughtful. The fact that in his busy life, he takes the time to send me postcards and always asks about my kids and sends his hugs is truly wonderful. I am going to pledge to be a better postcard writer for the year 2010. Sure it is easy to write an email or text. Or maybe even take a picture and send it, but writing a postcard is a lost art that I would love to bring back in full force! Thank you Alex...and thank you for your travels!

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