Thursday, November 5, 2009

Traveling with slippers.

I travel often. Not as much as I used to but when I leave home, I miss it more now than ever before. So, when I do leave home, I try to pack a few things that make me feel closer to the ones I love. I pack plenty of pictures, a warm cozy wrap and my slippers.

Don't get me wrong, if I am gone for a day, I don't do this but if I am gone for 4 days or more, this is a no brainer. There is something about my slippers that instantly make me feel like I am chilling at home. In the winter time, I immediately put them on before heading downstairs for my morning coffee. They are warm and cozy but are also durable enough to handle a few trips outside. There are days, when I am lucky enough to wear them around for hours. But mostly, they get me through my morning and that is it.

The strange thing is that most people consider slippers a luxury. You know, if you have enough time to put your slippers on, you must have plenty of free time. And when you are on the road, you rarely have free time. But I am suggesting you pack them, even if for a the possibility of snuggling up for a second to remember home.

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