Monday, November 2, 2009

How long with the Halloween candy!

Oh my, we are in candy overload! It is truly amazing how much candy kids get on Halloween. I guess I did as well, back in the 70's, but it never seemed enough when I was 7! Now, as a parent, I am trying to slyly stash away the excess so that I don't have to battle the constant requests longer than I have to. (and I might steal a few as well) But what kind of rules should be established. Here is what I have laid down.

We don't hide the Halloween baskets, we keep them out on the counter. The kids ask me often if they can have a special treat from their basket. The answer is always the same. They get a treat after they eat all their lunch or dinner. I also use the candy as a way to keep them in line. This might be an overuse of candy power but it is extremely effective.

For instance, tonight, Skye was whining, crying and throwing a tantrum. I said to her that if she didn't pull it together and start listening to me, I would throw all her Halloween candy away. And, you know what, I meant it. She straightened up and had a great last 20 minutes before bed. I usually keep the candy around for a few weeks and then it gets tossed without their knowledge. They don't seem to mind.

I will never keep my kids from eating candy but I will do my best to teach them the art of moderation. Everything in moderation has always been my philosophy.

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