Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I love Auqaphor...for everything!

If you are a mom, then you probably know the name "Aquaphor". You find it in the baby section of any grocery or drug store. I was given the heads up about it from my friend Beth while I was pregnant with my first kid. I never forgot the name or what she said. "I use Aquaphor for everything from chapped lips to a baby's diaper rash." She was right!

It could possibly be my favorite cure all. It has been used for so many things in our house. From dry skin to, yes, bootie is my go to skin repair ointment. It is odorless and simple and it works.

As the winter is approaching, I seem to be using it more than my kids. I massage it into my cuticles at night. I also rub it into my elbows and other dry parts of my person. Sometimes I get an irritated section on my, at night, I put a dab of aquaphor on it.

My kids know it by name. They know that if they have anything wrong with them, they can put Aquaphor on it and it will be all better. My daughter even puts some on her baby dolls. It is pretty funny. I think I might be turning into the father from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". You know, the one that thinks Windex is the cure all. But I truly believe in it. My son had REALLY dry skin when he was born and I would slather him in it after a went away. I also use it for diaper rash and they know it won't hurt. Chapped wintertime repairs without a fuss. You name it, Aquaphor will fix it. Ok, maybe not everything but darn close.

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