Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life without my blackberry...does it exist?

Seriously, I am tired of it. But in the same breath, I have no choice. I am at the mercy of my blackberry. It has all my numbers and all my contacts. Honestly, I don't think I can go to the bathroom without checking with my blackberry first. It controls my every move. I only know about 10 numbers by heart. And those are of the people who NEVER change their number! Like my dad, who has had the same number for 30 years.

The other day, just as my hubby and I had boarded the plane with our two toddlers, I had a panic attack. UT OH...where was my phone. We had just sat down in our seats and they had immediately closed the doors. There was no turning back and I must admit, I was freaking out a bit. I searched and searched but didn't find it. I even asked my husband to break the rules and call it. No sound of the ring. What was I going to do?

See, I had already lost it once this year. In January, I stepped out for a quick trip to IKEA (does quick and IKEA work in the same sentence?) Somewhere from checkout to my car my cell phone went missing. I knew it while I was driving but I got myself locked into the 405 and that was the end of it. It mysteriously vanished, never to be found again. So could I really take losing it again or was I done with cell phones for good? Then, it hit me. I checked the kids diaper bag and there it was. 15 minutes of panic and the little bugger was back in my hands.

The crazy thing is that I have these little panic attacks about 3 times a week. The frantic search through the purse, while driving nonetheless. You know what I am talking about...unless you live in NYC. But still, how many times have you left it on a counter at the store or post office. It is an awful feeling. I always say to myself, "why don't I back up my information?"

Let's go back to the question as it is a good one...can I survive with out my blackberry? Would I be able to pull out my address book or wear a watch again. How would I be able to wake up on time or add things on the spot? The good thing is that I guess I will wait until the next time I lose it to find out.

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