Saturday, February 20, 2010

Separating your space when you are in REALLY small quarters.

I am not complaining at all, but we are staying in a one bedroom hotel room suite that is about 600 square feet. There are four of us living in this wonderful pad…my daughter, my son and my hubby. We are here for most of the month of Febuary. This is not our first experience with living in tight quarters and we learned a lot from the first time. Here are some tips if this ever happens to you.

Everyone must eat their meals at the table. No getting up and down and running around with gooey, sticky hands. When you are finished you get down. If you get down before you are finished you get one chance to get back up and eat, otherwise you are finished. Everyone’s hands and face must be cleaned before getting down and running around. We are, after all, in a hotel room which I would not want to completely demolish.

Being organized saves a lot of lost items and time looking for them. Try and put all the dirty clothes in one place and put the clean clothes away. This also saves some time and keeps you from washing the same things that you just washed the last time.

Giving each child their own private spot to keep their toys helps make life easier for you and for them. Its amazing how they will go to their own spots and entertain themselves for quite some time. It also helps keep things organized as they know where to put their things away.

Getting them outside to burn off that childhood energy when you can is one of the most beneficial things of all. Having access to a park or a pool where they can get out and move around—essentially wear themselves out is oh, so important.

I would also like to say that things are just going to be somewhat messy and that is just the way it is. So, don't get too stressed out about that.

We are managing in our 600 square feet, but I must say that I feel very fortunate to not have to be this confined all the time.

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