Sunday, February 7, 2010

Me, My kids and my 6 carry-ons!

I do this every time. I try to consolidate all the snacks and the toys into one little bag but it never works. Suddenly, at the 11th hour I discover 40 more things the kids will "need" during our month long stay in Whistler, BC. Yeah, like they really need it. But, I do want the experience to be great and that includes the flight.
I always pack as if we are going to be stuck in the airport for 2 days. Is that crazy? I bring way too many diapers and snacks. But, I do this for my own sanity. One time, I brought the minimum amount of diapers and, yes, I was caught in a "poopy" situation with no way to get out of it. This trip is going to be hilarious, if you can look at it that way. I am traveling to Vancouver by myself with a 2 and almost 4 year old. The flight isn't that long..only 2 hours and change. But the airplane is small therefore, the kids will be sitting on one side of the plane and I will be on the other. I am imagining that an aisle apart can, at times, feel like an ocean. So, to try and keep meltdowns to a minimum, I have little computers, coloring books and crayons, dvd's and the player and, of course...the ole stand-by, CANDY!! When all else fails, I give them candy. I put on a little extra deodorant this morning to be really prepared. So, if you see me with all my bags, looking like I am heading into war, you will know what they are for and why I look so focused. May the Games begin, literally!!!

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