Monday, February 22, 2010

Keeping up with the Olympic crowd

Every Olympics that I have attended seems to have one or two items that are “the thing” to get. Here in Vancouver, it seems to be the Lucky Looney—which is a coin for those who don’t know and the “red mittens”. Finally, I scored the red mittens today. The funny thing is that I saw an entire wall full of them in the Official Olympic Store when I first arrived in Whistler. I remember thinking..."Hmm, these are cute. And, they are super reasonable...only $10." Boy, is hind-sight 20/20 or what. I could have bought up about 20 pairs if I wanted. But when the games began and they became all the rage, they were quickly gone and I had no clue if anymore would be coming in. I actually did a little feature on the "hot" souvenirs and they were the top items. I thought I might have an in as to if and when more red mittens might hit the stores. I went in and asked the sales clerk what she could tell me about another shipment. She smiled and said they would probably be in in a few days. Somehow, I remembered to stop in on Thursday and then again today. Today was just a coincidence. I had about an hour off and was walking to meet up with my hubby and kids when I saw a bunch of people holding red mittens. This was the first time I had been in with the masses when it came to a frenzy. Women were literally pushing and shoving to get to the mittens. REALLY!!??!! I stepped back for a second and began to I really this person? The one who has to have the IT item? And then I dug in and grabbed out 4 pairs gently. In all, I have 4 adult pairs and 2 kiddo pairs. I am just trying to keep up with the masses and bring home the cool items. Right now, I have some pretty sweet pins, a few mascot key chains and several red mittens. Life is good and my hands are cozy!

Oh, yeah, and if you are reading this on Monday morning, Feb. 22, tune into Rachael Ray today to catch my feature.

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