Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My kids and Mascots

At the 2010 Olympic Games, there are 4 mascots. They are Quatchi, Sumi, Miga and MukMuk. It was almost immediate. My daughter took one look at Miga and fell in love. She new that Miga was her girl. And just the same, my son fell for Quatchi as if they had known each other for years. And, from what I have seen, they are not alone. I find that very interesting. Because, after talking to several kids this morning as I was hanging with the REAL Miga and Quatchi, I found that kids of all ages were quite taken by the mascots. It was actually very cute--the whole idea of a dressed up person in a mascot uniform. They are not allowed to talk and they are not allowed to show their real faces. But when they walk out as their characters, I immediately smile. And, kids in a mile radius seem to come running.

My kids are split on the whole mascot thing. My daughter is very shy and although every ounce of her being wanted to run up to Miga and give her a huge squeeze, she just couldn't do it. She was too shy and Miga was just a little to real. My son, on the other hand, couldn't be stopped. One look at Quatchi and he was out of his stroller and right by the furry dude's side. He knows their names and couldn't stop repeating them while smiling as wide as possible. I find it facsinating that not only a little kid finds joy in meeting a mascot but adults do as well. Maybe it is their cute little dances or their interesting ways of using gestures instead of words. Either way, according to my kiddos, they just might be more popular than Lindsey Vonn at these Olympic Games.

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