Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finding the right childcare on the road.

The kids, hubby and I are in Whistler for the Olympic Games. I knew we were all coming out here about 6 months before so I had plenty of time to check out possible child care options. The organization of our schedule was the most difficult part of the equation as I was not sure what time my husband and I would need help. I started by asking around, particularly within my husband's circles to see if anyone knew of a great babysitter in Whistler. I didn't think it would be hard to find someone, who knew someone, who knew someone…you know, somebody who could vouch for the sitter. I must have asked about 30 people before I finally found a name of a sitter. In the end, we ended up going with a nanny service that was recommended by several people, BABYSITTING WHISTLER. When I phoned the service, a very nice and well informed woman answered all of my questions. I asked her about their policies for hiring, what kind of background checks were made and their payment policy. Although all of her answers were right on target, I was pretty concerned with the whole thing….you know, another country, the biggest event of the year and the fact that I had never met nor knew anyone who had met the person watching our kids. YIKES. I guess this is when I become a nervous parent. And yet, I knew that my hands were going to be tied. I will be working LIVE television at the games…I can't say, "Be back in an hour." Luckily, my husband could make the transition easy for everyone. He stuck around for the first hour and a half after the babysitter arrived. He helped acquaint her to all of the necessary items she might need…diapers, snacks, clothes, blankies, etc. In general, our kids are pretty cool around babysitters. There have only been a few times when they have completely freaked out when I have left. And most times, if they do cry, they are done about 5 minutes after I leave. The really great thing about our nanny is that she gets them outside and burns off some energy right away. The first day, she took them to park and the gondola and the second day she took them to the pool. It makes me feel good knowing that she is getting them outside of our little one bedroom suite. And, she has done about 10 different art projects…our hotel room looks like a mini museum! I don't want to jinx things but so far, no tears have been shed and everyone is having an Olympic good time.

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